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The Flying Cow Polo Club was founded in 2015 with the intention of establishing a polo club within the center of Wellington, Florida for players of all abilities that is recognized by the United States Polo Association. The club has tournaments, practice chukkers throughout the week and weekend, and guidance by the best pros at affordable rates.

The Flying Cow Polo Club functions on 25 acres owned by Dr. Richard "Doc" Fredericks, DVM. With a lifetime of experience as an equine veterinarian, huntsman and polo player, Doc's intention has always been to create a polo club where all are welcome. Doc has been involved with the Wellington Equestrian community since 1980, supporting clients that migrate from New York to Florida in the winter.

In its seventh year of operation, the club is managed by Kylie Sheehan. For players who are interested in taking lessons to work on their riding/swing, having access to top quality care for their beloved ponies, playing low stress tournament polo or even just watching some fun competition, everyone will feel at home at Flying Cow. The club has three barns all with fly spray systems and city water. The club encourages full-care board which includes excellent quality feed and hay, daily care, and horse exercise that tailor to a positive and stress-free polo experience for all. For those who do not have ponies of their own, Flying Cow offers a string of top quality ponies of all levels available for rent and sale. Club staff and members take pride in what they do and share a common passion for polo--you'll feel it at the club, it's contagious! 

Management Team

Dr. Richard Fredericks, DVM

Dr. Richard "Dick" W. Fredericks, also fondly known as Doc, is a lifelong horseman and polo player. Dick comes from a family of horsemen as his father, Dr. Arthur Fredericks, Cornell graduate, founded North Shore Veterinary Hospital in Northport, NY in 1931. In the 30's, Dr. Arthur Fredericks spent his early years as a farm veterinarian for all types of animals. In the early 1930's, people traveled on dirt roads via horse & buggy, penicillin was not yet invented.


In 1969, Richard W. Fredericks joined the practice after also completing his Veterinary degree from Cornell University. Dr. Fredericks built one of the largest Large Animal Veterinary practices on Long Island while maintaining a strong small animal practice, and was one of the first to become licensed in using acupuncture techniques to aid western medicine.

Dick has plenty of stories guaranteed to entertain: has treated Secretariat and Snowman, lived through a hurricane on a boat in the ocean, swam next to a great white shark to take a picture, fox-hunted in Ireland, and so much more. Today Doc enjoys riding his horses, playing golf, driving fast cars, and fostering the growth of Polo.

Kylie Sheehan
USPA Certified Polo Instructor

Hailing from Maryland, Kylie is a USPA Certified Polo Instructor and former Team USPA member. Kylie has a wide range of experience including working for the USPA, playing professionally, teaching polo, managing, and working for some of the top horse trainers and polo teams in the world. 


Kylie started playing polo in the interscholastic program at Garrison Forest. She went on to win the USPA National Interscholastic Women’s Championship her senior year of high school and was named the 2009 PTF Interscholastic Player of the Year. In college, Kylie won two National Intercollegiate Championships with University of Virginia in her third and fourth years. In 2013, she graduated from UVA with a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Affairs. She was chosen to represent the US in the Townsend Cup Intercollegiate Challenge against England and won with her team. Kylie has also gotten opportunities to play in everything from women's tournaments to high goal polo all over the United States and world. Most recently Kylie won the 2021 USPA US Women's Open Championship and received MVP with The Villages/BTA. Kylie takes pride in her fantastic string of horses who are available for sale and rent and operating primarily out of Aiken and Wellington. 

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