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Flying Cow Polo Club is a place where everyone is welcome in Wellington. Whether you are looking to start playing polo, improve your technique, have access to top quality care for your beloved ponies, play in fun tournaments or even just watch some chukkers, we've got you covered. Our staff and members take pride in what we do and share a common passion for polo- you'll feel it at our club, it's contagious!


Below is a list of services we provide at our club. Don't see what you're looking for? Give Kylie a call and she will see if the Flying Cow Polo Club can accommodate your request.


Now Accepting New Members for 2024

Short Term Packages

Weekend Polo Package 

Custom Polo Experience

Lessons and Clinics

Intro to Polo Lessons (Group and Private)

Evaluation Rides 

Stick and Ball Sessions

Intro to Polo Clinics 

Polo Basics Course

Corporate Events

Play Polo

Coaching Chukkers

Weekly Practices

Pro-Am League

Advanced Stick and Ball Sessions

Kids Polo

U-10 Polo Group

Junior Polo Chukkers 

Day Camps

Stabling Options

Dry Stall Rentals

Full Board Care

Paddock Rentals


Chukker Rentals

Leases Horses

Sale Horses

Ready to get started? Click HERE to schedule with us today!

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