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Bylaws of The Flying Cow Polo Club
Section 1: Name

1.0 The name of the organization shall be The Flying Cow Polo Club (hereinafter referred to as the club)

1.1The principle office of the club shall be located at 16676 Hollow Tree Lane Wellington, Florida 33470

1.2 The club phone number is 443-955-3470

Section 2: Purpose

2.0 The general objective of the club is to promote and foster an environment for learning and playing the sport of polo under the rules of the club and the United States Polo Association (U.S.P.A.).

Section 3: Membership

3.0 Each active member in good standing shall have one vote on designated issues set forth by the Board of Directors.

3.1 All active members shall be a member in good standing of the U.S.P.A.

3.2 Social and inactive members will not have a vote.

3.3 Social members are encouraged to join the U.S.P.A.

3.4 Active members pay seasonal dues as set by the club.

3.5 The club manager and instructors are excused from club dues but are considered members.

3.6 All members are encouraged to list our club as their club with the U.S.P.A.

Section 4: Non-Member/Guests

4.0 At the discretions of the club manager, club programs, club Instructors, the Officers, and members non-members are welcomed by the club for social, games, or instruction. All non-members shall follow club rules and instructions of club members or game officials. In some cases fees will be set or pay for services.

Section 5: Board of Directors

5.0 There shall be an annual meeting of the Board of Directors on the second Tuesday of February at the principle office or at a place designated by the Board of Directors.

5.1 There shall be a special meeting called for whatsoever reason by the President or the Board of Directors.

5.2 The Board of Directors shall be the officers of the club.

5.3 The President will be the Delegate of the U.S.P.A.

5.4 The Board of Directors exist at the pleasure of the corporation and/or owner of the club and it's facilities. The President of the club shall be the corporate director and have special powers over the Board of Directors and members to chose or disqualify. The President shall be empowered to take any action in connection to the operation, membership and associations in the best interests of the club and/or work or support in conjunction with plans and programs of the U.S.P.A.

5.5 The officers shall be chosen by the corporate director, in the absence of a full Board of Directors, there after chosen by the Board of Directors and each one shall hold the office until he or she shall resign or be removed or otherwise be disqualified to serve.

5.6 A no voting positions on the Board of Director exists at the option of the President as Advisor(s) an may consist of the but not limited to Club Manager, the Club Instructors and/or Equine Welfare Rep.

5.7 An officer shall be an active member of the club and the U.S.P.A. in good standing.

5.8 The Board of Directors will be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasure. The office of Secretary and Treasure can be combined as Secretary-Treasure.

5.9 The Board of Directors may appoint short, long and permanent committees with club members and non-members reporting to the Board of Directors. There will be two permanent committees: The Handicap Committee and The Safety Committee. (12/21/16)

5.10 The Board of Directors will maintain an Online Bylaws and a Operation and Safety Manual. (12/21/16)

I do hereby certify that the above stated Bylaws of The Flying Cow Polo Club were approved by the the Club board of directors on November 1, 2016 and constitute a complete copy of the Club Bylaws.

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